We’re in business to protect and increase the profitability of financial institutions.

FIC has earned a stellar reputation over its three decades by providing unmatched products and services for the lending industry. Our focus has enabled us to build our expertise on products that protect and increase the profitability of banks, credit unions, mortgage lenders and finance companies.

Service / Responsiveness

We’re nice. Think Southern hospitality is a daydream? Think again. We may not have cornered the market on good service, but you may think we have once you work with us. Our staff cares about your needs and proves it on a daily basis by eliminating bureaucracy and providing you real answers quickly. And you won’t hear us say things like ‘deliverables’ or ‘key enabler,’ but you will come away from the conversation knowing that we’re working hard for you.

Flexibility / Innovation

We’re lean. Need something done in a certain way, or does your business ‘not quite fit’ other models? We can make it work for you. And we strive to find solutions before you run into problems.

Industry Knowledge

We’re at the cutting edge. We will find the best markets and products for your needs.


We’re focused. By remaining focused on financial institutions, we can help you find your best solutions quickly. We’re not distracted by other industries or the need to please our corporate parent.


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