loan servicing and loan origination products

loan servicing and loan origination products

FIC offers a wide variety of Loan Servicing and Loan Origination Products.

Lender-Placed Letter Service

In addition to giving the lender a means to place coverage, FIC will take over the most labor-intensive part of insurance tracking—producing and mailing letters to borrowers. FIC’s online system, Protector, gives the loan servicer a means to cover properties immediately while ordering regulatory-compliant lender-placed insurance letters to be mailed to its borrowers.

Outsourced Insurance Tracking

Complete outsourcing of all insurance tracking including deficiency identification, automatic coverage, insurance tracking, letters and insurance placement.

Flood Compliance

Flood Zone Determinations, Flood Insurance and Excess Flood Insurance.

Property Valuations and Settlement Docs

Automated systems that assist mortgage lenders in quickly and accurately valuing properties, ordering required title and settlement docs and reducing closing times.

Property Tax Tracking

Tracking of property taxes for residential and commercial real property. This can be tracked as either escrowed or non-escrowed so the loan servicer can pay property tax bills appropriately or track those borrowers who have not paid their property taxes.

Club Checking

Package of benefits available to your checking account holders.

Credit Life and Disability Insurance

Insurance that protects your borrower or borrower’s survivors against loss due to death or disability for consumer loans.

Debt Cancellation / Debt Protection

Similar to Credit Insurance, these programs allow you to establish an agreement with your borrower to forgive or modify debt obligations as a result of events such as death or disability.

Mortgage Life, Disability, Accidental Death and Term

Insurance that protects your borrower or borrower’s survivors against loss due to death or disability for mortgage loans.

Financial Institution Programs (Bond, D&O, Package)

Programs to protect your institution’s practices, directors and officers and its property.

Mortgage Protection / Impairment (Errors & Coverage)

Protection against errors made in loan servicing that result in impairment to your institution.

Guaranteed Auto Protection / GAP

Protection for your auto borrowers from being “upside-down” and suffering a total loss, resulting in further indebtedness.

Automobile Warranties / Service Contracts

Protection for your auto borrowers’ vehicles.

Profitability Analysis

Account-level profitability analysis software enables you to identify the most and least profitable areas and products of your institution.

Overdraft Protection

Regulation-compliant overdraft programs that serve your account holders and improve your revenue.